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MSV Racing - CMMC Tin Tops, CMMC Super Saloons, Trackday Trophy & United Formula Ford

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We are very pleased to welcome Motorsport Vision Racing (MSVR) to the circuit for the first time ever! Founded in 2006, MSVR has become one of the UK’s leading race event organisers operating across all of the UK’s top race circuits. MSVR will be coming to Lydden Hill during the summer on the 15th of June bringing four series of exciting racing action from the Classic & Modern Motorsport Club, Trackday Championship, Trackday Trophy and United Formula Ford Championships. 

The Classic & Modern Motorsport Club (CMMC) provides a good opportunity for close competition whilst maintaining a friendly paddock atmosphere. The CMMC will be bringing their flagship series the super saloons to the circuit that race according to regulations designed to prevent any runaway advantages, ensuring the competition to be close! Furthermore, there will be racers from their tin top series who have made a habit of producing action that keeps going until the very end. The specifications on these cars are much closer to road going specification making it an accessible form of racing.

The Trackday Championship (TDC) is a fun yet competitive championship allowing drivers to race their production made saloon, hatchback and sports cars. Open to relative novices looking for a well-supported Championship environment, or an established competitor looking for new challenges, the TDC can cater to both.

The Trackday Trophy (TDT) is very similar to the TDC. Again, this is a fun yet competitive championship for production and production-based saloon, hatchback and sports cars allowing novice drivers to get into competitive racing and build their experience. The races are designed for teams of two drivers which allows the running cost of the car to be split, meaning there is less pressure and more race day excitement to enjoy. 

The very popular United Formula Ford (UFF) Championship will be visiting eight race tracks in 2024 making us one of them. With a five class structure including Historic, Classic, Heritage, Regional and Star the UFF Championship provides the perfect stage for all Formula Ford racers.

With an event timetable set to be released with further details, racing will begin at approximately 0900 and finish at 1800 on the same day. 

Class structure for each Championship are as follows:

Classic & Modern Motorsport Club

  • Tin Tops
  • -Super Saloons 

Trackday Championship & Trackday Trophy

  • Class B 151 - 175 bhp/tonne
  • Class C 126 - 150 bhp/tonne
  • Class D up to 125 bhp/tonne

United Formula Ford

  • Historic- Cars manufactured Pre ’72
  • Classic- Cars Manufactured 1981-1972
  • Heritage- cars manufactured 1982-1992
  • Regional- cars manufactured 1993-1998
  • Star- cars manufactured 1999-2024